Signature Dermaplaning Treatments

Dermaplaning seems godsend when all hair removal treatments have either failed or cause irritation and breakouts.

The treatment involves removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz with a sharp blade by a trained beauty expert.

The result: Silky smooth skin, that is brighter and clearer without any redness.

Frequently asked questions about the procedure:

"Will my skin look red after the treatment? Can I wear make up afterwards?"

There is no downtime! Some light redness can be expected but many clients experience none at all. You can wear  make up right after the treatment, your skin will not feel irritated or sore. In fact, your make up will go on super smoothly and less 'cakey' after removing the peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Please do avoid sunbathing on the same day. Use of a SPF in the following days is highly recommended.

"Will my hair grow back darker?"

Waxing or threading removes soft, fine vellus hair by its root and often a new generation of hair will grow back that is now coarse and dark. This is why Dermaplaning is the recommended alternative.

Dermaplaning cannot be compared to shaving. The blade is much sharper and cuts the hair and in a sharp angle which causes the tip of the hair to be very fine. As a result, the hair grows back less noticeably. It is a great alternative to waxing, which causes irritation and ingrown hairs for many.

"What kind of blade is being used?"

Melanie uses sterile, single-use only, surgical blades by Swann-Morton. Each blade is disposed after use.

"Will I have cuts on my skin?"

Melanie has 7 years of experience with Dermaplaning and prides herself in using the blade skillfully.

Nicks are not common, for ideal results avoid any retinoids and peels prior.

Our Products: Eminence Organic Skincare, Deciem, Various Organic & Vegan Brands made in Switzerland

Dermaplaning is suitable for our female and female identifying clients only

+ Mask

Dermaplaning treatment with Deepy Hydrating Mask application. Clarifies the skin, reduces inflammation and redness.


+ Face Mask

$75 / 45 min


Dermaplaning and a full facial.

This treatment is recommended for a deeper cleanse of the skin as it includes extraction.


+ Facial

$100 / 60 min