Microblading, Ombré and Powder Brows

Customized Shape, Style and Colour for each client.

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Microblading Shading

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Which Type is Right For You?

Microblading is done with a hand-held tool and is the by far most natural look. It adds hair strokes only and is not recommended for clients with very oily skin or very mature skin, as well as cover ups and very sparse eyebrows.

Microblading starts to fade after one year.

Any Shading, also called Ombre or Powder Brows, is done with a permanent makeup machine. The machine deposits the pigments deeper into the skin and the results can last up to 3 years before fading. It allows more saturation and prevents excessive scarring. With every treatment the skin is less able to retain pigment. Any correction or cover up of previous microblading needs to be done with a machine for these reasons.

The term permanent make-up is used as an umbrella term to describe various micropigmentation procedures and it does not imply that the results are life-long. Unlike tattoo ink, which changes its colour after several years and might turn blue, green or red, micropigmentation pigments are designed to fade into a lighter version of the colour.

This is why we refer to our procedures as semi-permanent.


Microblading: $400  Powder/Combination Brows: $450

Touch-Up (Second Session Only): $100 (within 1-2 months)

Any Session Within 1-2 years: $250

Removal: $100 per session

After two years of the first initial appointment, the pricing is considered a new service.

If you have a previous tattoo, you must submit a photo of your brows prior to booking.




Before your appointment

  • Refrain from alcohol, coffee and painkillers (any blood-thinners) 24 hours prior

These conditions are not suitable for this treatment:

  • Skin that keloids

  • Chemotherapy

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Active infections

  • Wounds or cold sores

  • Botox/fillers (3 weeks before)

  • Any allergies that might interfere

After Care

  • Apply Aquaphor daily on the area (4-6 days)

  • Refrain from tanning, sun exposure, swimming, sweating, applying makeup or any type of cosmetic treatment (threading, tinting) for 2 weeks

Please plan your schedule accordingly!!!

e.g. don't go on a beach vacation right after your appointment, be aware that when you attend a special event the week after, your brows will look dark and patchy because they are still healing



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