All You Need to Know About Your Treatment

What happens during a microblading treatment?

Any make up is removed before applying numbing cream. The numbing cream is removed after 15 min.

The Microblading technician draws on your desired shape and won't begin microblading until you are fully satisfied with your shape and choice of colour.

Your Microblading artist then will begin dipping the Microblading pen, that features a small blade at the tip, into the ink and will then apply small hair stroke like cuts into your skin. The pain is tolerable thanks to the numbing cream and you have the option of receiving numbing gel during the procedure as well. After each round, your Microblading artist will show you the result so that you can adjust the appearance at any time to your liking.

Once you are happy with your results, your Microblading artist will clean your skin and apply healing ointment.

The procedure is repeated after 4-6 weeks.

What should I know before and after my treatment?
Microblading is not to be performed on various skin conditions such as cold sores, blisters and raised scars. Botox and fillers alter the shape of your microbladed eyebrows. Please consult me if you have any concerns of the like.
Please refrain from drinking alcohol and coffee as well as taking painkillers and vitamin E supplements 24 prior to your appointment. It encourages bleeding and excessive bleeding will prevent the ink from retaining in the skin!
After your treatment please avoid two things as good as you can: Getting your brows wet by water or sweat and sun exposure. Keep your eyebrows clean to avoid infections. Do not apply make up or water. Sun exposure causes the ink to fade. Please stick to the following regimen for optimal results:
1. Your eyebrows might appear slightly red or swollen after the procedure. Please plan your day accordingly, you won't be able to hit the gym or put on make up on the area for the first days.
2. The first ten days: Do not wash your eyebrows. Apply Aquaphor gently with a cotton swab, do not remove scabs.
3. Expect the appearance of your eyebrows to change. The color will fade and return over time. Some of the ink will fade completely but that's what your complimentary touch up is for!
Cost: $400 / 2.5 hours // Touch-up available after 4-6 weeks ($50) // Free touch-up with every referral


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