Scalp Micropigmentation

A full, even hairline and strong hair is a sign of vitality and masculinity. Which is why hair loss is a common cosmetic concern of men. Unlike promising hair loss products, scalp micropigmentation is a solution with guaranteed results.

The pricing for this procedure is based on the stage of hair loss and can be determined during a free consultation.


Norwood Scale

Before your appointment

  • Refrain from alcohol, coffee and painkillers 24 hours prior

  • Begin to frequently moisturise your scalp days prior

  • Shave your head one day prior / same day

These conditions are not suitable for this treatment:

  • Skin that keloids

  • Chemotherapy

  • Active infections or large wounds

smp density.jpeg

After Care

  • Day 1-5: Do not wash your head

  • Apply Aquaphor when needed

  • Refrain from tanning, sun exposure, swimming, excessive sweating for 3 weeks


  • $2500 (for all hair loss stages)

scalp micropigmentation

What happens during the treatment?

  • The client chooses their desired shape. The SMP Artist will tell you which shape is most flattering for your face shape.

  • The SMP Artist chooses a slightly lighter colour than anticipated and creates micro dots that mimic follicles with a micropigmentation machine. This is not a tattoo! The pigment, which is more fluid than tattoo ink, is deposited into a higher level of the skin than a regular tattoo.

  • All micro dots are placed in an irregular and spaced out manner. This is to ensure that the pigments don't migrate and create "blowouts", stains of ink. The gaps will be filled in session after session. Patience is key.

  • The client returns after 10-14 days for each of their touch-ups until the desired density is achieved

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